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Friday, August 12, 2016

"Double Down with Don" September 9th... Exclusive 'Eddie Gaedel Night' Engagement (Use Credit Card here)

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Don Larsen felt so bad about missing our June 
luncheon due to scheduling confusion, he offered to come back and do an event with the fan club as soon as possible.

"Why wait?", we decided, "when the biggest publicity-generating event in fan club history is September 9".  As you know, at Busch Stadium on that Friday night, 30,000 fans will pass through the turnstiles with a box under their arm containing a limited-edition Eddie Gaedel Bobblehead. And 30,000 fans will have conversations among their family, "Who were the St. Louis Browns?"

Granddads will explain to grandkids. And so on. And the memory of the St. Louis Browns will have been preserved in one great leap. (And just in the nick of time while we are down to only 19 living Browns players).
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So we decided to "Double-down with Don".  Don will be representing the Browns on the field and in the broadcast booth that evening on KMOX radio.

But first, Don will be appearing at a special event JUST FOR BROWNS FAN CLUB members.  And you are invited! 

But due to the last-minute confirmation plus exclusive nature of this huddle with a world series perfect game pitcher, we are recommending (nay, pleading with you) to get your RESERVATIONS IN NOW. First come first serve!  Space is limited.

In other words ... DONT THINK!  It's Don Frickin Larsen and a free Eddie Gaedel Bobblehead!  ACT!  And when you hear the special venue where this pregame party will be taking place (SEE BELOW) ... I know you are going to flip.  

And when you hear how you will be riding in style to be dropped off directly at your stadium gate you are going to flip (plus breathe a sigh of relief knowing that downtown hassles will be at a minimum).

So here are the dirty deets:  

Location: The Tiny Bar (Eddie Gaedel-themed bar votedThe Riverfront Times Best New Bar of 2015
1008 Locust at 10th Street 
Downtown St. Louis

Friday, Sept. 9
2:30 to 5:30pm 
Deluxe trolley to the ballpark (gates open at 6:00 p.m). The trolley service provides roundtrip transportation from the Tiny Bar to Busch Stadium and back to your parking location.

Two convenient surface lots and one garage available within two blocks.

Here's what you get:
    Image result for don larsen browns color
Meet & Greet Don Larsen & Corrine Larsen
Live Interview of Don by a well-known baseball authority plus Q & A
World's only Browns-themed bar
Appetizers and two (2) not-so tiny drinks from the Tiny Bar 
Your photo professionally taken with Don Larsen
Two (2) autographs (your item)
Round-trip deluxe trolley ride
Short video presentation on the only perfect game in the 111-year history of the World Series 
Just $60 tax-deductible!!!*
    For the ballgame and the Eddie Gaedel Bobblehead and to sit with fellow Browns fan club members, make reservations direct with the Cardinals at:  or call 314-345-9000. Ballgame ticket is only $25 per person for BFC members.  7:15pm start time.  

    For the meet and greet with Don and Corine Larsen: The tax deductible reservation is $60 per person.

    Make your tax deductible reservation with a check of $60 per person payable to the “St. Louis Browns Historical Society” and mail to:

         John Rappold
         St. Louis Browns Fan Club
         13525 Chatham Manor Dr.
         St. Louis, MO   63128
         E – mail

    Vicki Martin  -  314-852-1402
    Bill Rogers  -  314-892-8632
    e-mail  -

    Don Larsen . . . . Eddie Gaedel
    Two guys with a couple of things in common -  they both played for the St. Louis Browns, and they both achieved baseball immortality from ONE GAME.

    Cut and paste the following reservation form to a blank sheet of paper and then print.  

    Make ________ reservation (s) for the Larsen Meet & Greet gathering @ $60 each.                             $_______

    Your Name:        ___________________________________________________________

    Address: _________________________________________________________________

    City: _______________________________ State: _____  Zip:________________________

    e-Mail: ___________________________________________________________
    We'll be waitin for ya!

    Mail check payable and mail to: 
                              St. Louis Browns Fan Club
    John Rappold
                              13525 Chatham Manor Dr.
                              St. Louis, MO   63128
                              E – mail

    Generous donation to Don and Corine's Travel Expenses provided by the St. Louis Cardinals.

    Please note that the Double Down with Don will take place at the Tiny Bar plus the 2nd floor breakout space.  Elevator service inside the Tiny Bar to the 2nd floor.

    October 6, 1956  -  On this day in 1956, baseball history was made. Don Larsen pitched the first perfect game in the World Series against the rival Brooklyn Dodgers. Yogi leaped into Don's arms as the game ended, and now this image is one of the most iconic in history and will be shown at our reception on September 9.  Join us!

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